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1. Copyright and Trademarks

1.1. The intellectual property rights of the entire content of the website, including but without limitation to all texts, images, graphics, animations, software and other similar elements (Content), belong exclusively to RRG. The use of the content of this website without the consent of RRG is prohibited and punishable under the laws in force. Any content consisting of a trademark, logo, or industrial trademark is a registered trademark whose use is strictly prohibited without the written permission of the trademark owner.


2. Limitation of liability

2.1. The use of this website is entirely at your option, any other party involved in the design, production or provision of the website are not liable for any direct or indirect damage of any nature (including damage caused by viruses that may infect your computer, other items or actions that may cause damage, specific to internet and digital technologies, including breach of information security) resulting from accessing or using this website, downloading any material, information, text, video images or audio materials from this website. Although RRG will make every effort to do so, RRG does not warrant that the use of the website and servers will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that use of the website is secure.


2.2. RRG has the exclusive right to determine the content and form of this website and to modify it at any time, without any prior formalities, without asking for any consent and without being obliged to respond for this modification at any time, to anyone and under any conditions.


3. Links on third party websites

3.1 The lakeside11.ro website may contain links to other websites owned or operated by parties other than RRG. Such links are provided for your use only if you choose to do so. RRG specifically disclaims any responsibility for the content, privacy and security conditions, and functionality of these websites accessed through links. Without limiting the foregoing, RRG expressly disclaims any liability if these sites: violate the intellectual property rights of a third party, are inaccurate, incomplete, or contain deceptive information, lack commercial character, or fail to meet a specific purpose, do not provide adequate security, contain viruses or other destructive elements, or are licentious or defamatory. RRG does not authorize the content, or any other products and services provided on such sites.


4. Use of the website lakeside11.ro

4.1. During the use of the website and its services, you, as the user, undertake to comply with the applicable laws and not to carry out activities such as cracking, hacking or similar, which endanger the proper functioning of the site, the server, the security of information, etc; You undertake not to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, publish, reproduce, create derivative products or sell any information or services obtained through the site; you undertake to bear any additional costs related to the use of the site, such as those required by telephone and Internet service providers.


5. Personal data processing policy

5.1. Ensuring the confidentiality of your personal data while using our website is a special concern for us. Therefore, we provide you with detailed information on how personal data is processed. The data is managed on this website by RIVERGATE RATING GROUP SRL. The purpose of processing this data is to identify potential clients for the units in the RRG project. When it comes to the use and processing of personal data, the company strictly adhere to the current legal provisions regarding data protection. The right to use personal and anonymous data belongs within the legal limits of RIVERGATE RATING GROUP SRL, respecting the rights of the individuals concerned, as described below.


5.2. This data protection statement applies exclusively to (lakeside11.ro) and its related subdomains, as well as pages presenting promotional campaigns, but not to pages controlled or operated by third parties. Please check the data protection statements of web pages controlled or operated by third parties, as these web pages are not under the control of the project and do not assume responsibility for their content and data protection measures.


5.3. Data Security: Technical and organizational measures have been implemented to protect your data, particularly against loss, manipulation, or unauthorized access. These measures are regularly reviewed and continually adapted to the state of technology. In the event of a breach of your personal data protection, which is estimated to pose a significant risk to your rights and freedoms, we will notify you immediately, whenever possible within a 72-hour timeframe.


5.4. Please note that you are personally responsible for the confidentiality and secure storage of your user data or passwords that have been provided or communicated to you.


5.5. Processing data of minors – We explicitly inform you that all processing of personal data refers exclusively to individuals who have reached the age of 16. The use of systems and tools, as well as the results of processing the data of users who have not reached this minimum age, is prohibited without the consent of parents/guardians. In case personal data processing does occur, we will cease processing this data upon becoming aware of this fact.



If you are a client or potential client of the project: We collect personal data from most interactions with you, as well as within other aspects of our activities.

Categories of data that we process are as follows:

a) Data necessary for sending an offer following your request and for maintaining contact with you (e.g., name, surname, email, phone, address).

b) Information about your request, including special requirements and project-related preferences.

c) Additional data necessary for concluding contracts between you and us (e.g., for a lease contract, we will need the series and number of your ID document and your address, and for a sales-purchase contract, we will need your personal identification number (CNP) for authentication by a notary public).

d) Information about the vehicles you may bring onto our property, such as the license plate number.

e) Information you provide regarding your marketing preferences.

f) Personal data provided by you for registration and subscription to newsletters.

g) Reviews and opinions regarding our services.

h) Any other types of information that you choose to provide us.

Additionally, surveillance cameras and other security measures on our properties may capture or record images of you, residents, and visitors in public areas (such as entrance areas or building hallways), as well as your location data (through images captured by surveillance cameras).

You can choose at any time which personal data you want to provide us. However, if you choose not to provide certain personal data, in cases where the basis of our request is compliance with a legal obligation, contractual obligation, or necessary for the conclusion of a contract, we may be unable to provide you with certain services. For example:

(i) If you do not wish to provide us with your name, surname, email address, or phone number when requesting an offer, we will not be able to generate and send the requested offer.

(ii) Given the legal obligations in force, if you choose not to provide your personal identification number (CNP) to the notary public for the completion and authentication of the sales-purchase contract, the contract cannot be concluded with you.

If you are a potential employee: We collect information from the CV you submit, as well as any other information provided with the CV and/or during the interviews you attend.

If you are a visitor at our locations: Surveillance cameras may capture or record images of visitors in public areas (such as entrances to our locations).

If you are a user of our website: Providing personal data is not necessary for reading the information on the website. However, for the technical operation of the portal, we collect the time and date of accessing the website and the IP address from which our website was accessed.

For the use of certain services (e.g., the contact form), certain personal data is necessary. For details, please refer to the corresponding section for the operation used on the website.



The term “special categories of personal data” refers to racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs or philosophical beliefs, or union membership, as well as the processing of genetic data, biometric data, data concerning health, or data concerning sex life or sexual orientation. In general, we do not process such special information unless you choose to provide it to us.



If you are a client or potential client and you have provided us with data as follows:


A) General contact form or phone call to the number displayed on the website

Contact form (general availability information, purchase of housing units, information about the project, appreciation, other complaints): When submitting the respective contact form or initiating a phone call, your personal data from the categories* (name, surname, phone number, email address, specific message) will be processed as outlined in this section.

Purpose: Responding to your request

Basis: Legitimate interest in individually processing your inquiries and providing responses.

Consequences of refusal: If you do not provide this data, you will not be able to contact us, and we will not be able to provide the requested information. For this purpose, the data will be transmitted to project representatives, and you will be contacted by them to address your inquiries.


B) When submitting the contact form or making a phone call for a request to view a housing unit from stock, your personal data from the categories* (name, surname, phone number, email address, specific message) are processed as outlined in this section.

Purpose: Preparing/conducting and executing the purchase of a housing unit from stock or responding to offers requested by you. The data are processed through the project’s sales representatives.

Basis: Contract execution or pre-contractual measures at your request.

Consequences of refusal: If you do not provide this data, you will not receive proposals from the sales representative.


C) Contact with you

The data will be transmitted to authorized project representatives, and you will be contacted by them for the preparation/conducting and execution of a purchase of a housing unit from stock.

Purpose: Processing your personal data to maintain contact with you for the transmission of necessary and relevant information.

Basis: Contract conclusion and execution; we may also provide information about the rented or purchased location based on our legitimate interest.


D) Contract conclusion with you

Purpose: Processing your personal data for the valid conclusion of the contract requested by you.

Basis: Contract conclusion and execution and fulfillment of legal obligations.


E) Providing additional information about possible financing options for real estate or guaranteeing with a residential property

Purpose: Processing your personal data to facilitate information about financing options.

Basis: Providing information about financial products and/or contract conclusion and execution of a service contract.


F) Marketing:

Purpose: We process your personal data for marketing purposes, such as commercial newsletters and marketing communications about new products, services, or other offers that we believe may be of interest to you.

Newsletter Subscription

The data provided at the respective registration from the categories* (contact and identification data) will be used solely for sending newsletters. When sending the newsletter, we will use the email address provided by you, and ultimately, we need your confirmation that, as the owner of the email address, you agree to receive them. We will include an unsubscribe link, which you can use if you no longer wish to receive messages.

Purpose: Sending information about products, services, and events

Basis: Consent

Consequences of refusal: If you do not agree to this processing, you will not receive the newsletter.

*Exact data fields: Salutation, first name, last name, email.

If necessary, in accordance with applicable law, we will obtain your consent before processing your personal data for direct marketing purposes. In this case, please note that you can withdraw your consent for marketing processing at any time, in which case you will no longer receive any marketing communication from us. Also, during certain events (e.g., real estate fairs), we may take some photographs, and some of these may be distributed online to show others how these events unfold. In any case, because we respect your right to privacy, we will do our best to inform you that photographs will be taken (for objections regarding our photos, see the “Right to Object” in the “Your Rights” section).


G) Other Communications: via email, phone, or SMS

Purpose: These communications will be conducted for specific reasons, such as (i) responding to your requests, (ii) if you have not completed a request for an offer or payment, we may send you an email to remind you to complete the process, (iii) informing you about how complaints and/or incidents arising from our collaboration have been resolved, (iv) ensuring that you have had a pleasant experience when using the services provided by our company.

Legal basis: Our legitimate interest in providing services at desired standards by addressing any requests/complaints and ensuring our full availability to you; in case of responding to a request during the execution of the contract concluded with you, the legal basis for processing is the performance of a contract.


H) If you are a visitor at our location:

Purpose: We process your personal data to ensure the protection of goods and individuals within the location.

Legal basis: Our legitimate interest in ensuring both the protection of goods of customers/staff and the protection of individuals within our location.


I) If you are a user of our website:

Purpose: Monitoring traffic to identify errors and/or any other dysfunction of the website.

Legal basis: We base this data processing activity on our legitimate interest, namely providing you with a fully functional website by fixing any errors and continuously improving it.


J) If you are a representative or contact person of our suppliers or business partners:

Purpose: Carrying out contractual relationships with our suppliers or business partners.

Legal basis: Performance of a contract.


K) If you are a potential employee:

Purpose: Evaluating your job application.

Legal basis: Conclusion of a contract.

For all the above categories of individuals, we may process your data in the context of the following activities:


a) Internal restructuring, reorganization, or sale of assets or shares/actions:

Purpose: Processing your data for the mentioned operations.

Legal basis: Legitimate interest in conducting operations, especially under conditions where these would be impossible without processing your data. However, we assure you that this potential processing will be carried out in accordance with this policy and by implementing measures to ensure the confidentiality of your data.


b) Security:

Purpose: Processing personal data for the security of goods and the physical integrity of individuals.

Legal basis: We rely on our legitimate interest in ensuring the protection of your goods and the protection of individuals within the perimeter of our location.


c) Legal reasons:

Purpose: In certain cases, we need to process the provided information, which may include personal data, to resolve legal disputes or claims, for investigations, and compliance with applicable legal regulations, to enforce an agreement, or to comply with requests from public authorities to the extent that these requests meet the conditions imposed by law.

Legal basis: The reasons for processing may be represented by legal obligation (if we are legally obligated to disclose certain personal data to public authorities) or our legitimate interest in resolving any disputes and/or claims.



Your personal data is retained for the entire period of achieving the purposes detailed in this policy unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by applicable law. We constantly review the need for retaining your personal data, and if the processing is no longer necessary, and there is no legal obligation to retain your personal data, we will delete/destroy your information as soon as possible and in a manner that cannot be recovered or reconstituted (for example, we will delete/destroy all data of individuals who were not hired after interviews, if there is no serious prospect of future employment). If personal information is printed on paper, it will be destroyed in a way that ensures complete elimination, and if it is saved on electronic media, it will be deleted through technical means to ensure that the information cannot be recovered or reconstructed later.


6. Cookies and Social Plug-ins

6.1. We automatically collect data using cookies. A cookie is a small text file that saves settings for the internet. Almost every web page uses this technology. It is downloaded by your internet browser when you first access a web page. Upon the next access to this web page with the same device, cookies and saved information are either sent back to the web page that created them or to another web page to which they belong (Third Party Cookie). Thus, the web page recognizes that you have accessed the page again with this browser, and, in some cases, varies the displayed content.


6.2. For more information about the cookies used on our website, please refer to the Cookies documents


7. Rights of Data Subjects


As a data subject, you have the following rights provided by the GDPR:

a) Right of access: You can request us (i) confirmation of whether personal data is being processed and, if so, access to that data and information about it, and (ii) a copy of your personal data that we hold (Article 15 of the GDPR).

b) Right to rectification: You can inform us of any changes to your personal data or ask us to correct the personal data we hold about you (Article 16 of the GDPR).

c) Right to erasure (“right to be forgotten”): In certain situations (such as (i) where the data was collected unlawfully, (ii) the data retention period has expired, (iii) you have exercised your right to object, or (iv) data processing is based on consent and you have withdrawn your consent), you can ask us to delete the personal data we hold about you (Article 17 of the GDPR).

d) Right to Restriction of Processing: In certain situations (such as when the accuracy of this data or the legality of processing is contested), you can request us to restrict the processing of your data for a specific period (Article 18 of the GDPR).

e) Right to Data Portability: You can request us to send your personal data to a third party or directly to you (Article 20 of the GDPR).

f) Right to Object: In certain situations (such as processing based on legitimate interest), you can request us not to process your data (Article 21 of the GDPR).

g) If we use your personal data based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. In such a situation, your data will no longer be processed by us, except where a legal provision obliges us to retain and archive it. In any case, we will inform you if there is such a legal provision and specify it explicitly.


8. How Do We Protect Personal Data?

8.1. The website uses information security techniques such as firewalls, access control procedures, and cryptographic mechanisms, all with the aim of preventing unauthorized access to data and ensuring its confidentiality.



We implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security adequate to the risk and to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure, or unauthorized access to personal data transmitted, stored, or processed in another way.

  • Pseudonymization/encryption of the personal data of the client to the extent possible without affecting the execution of the contract.
  • The ability to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and permanent resilience of the activities and services of data processing. Personal data must be protected against accidental destruction or deletion.
  • A process for periodic testing, assessment, and evaluation of the effectiveness of technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of processing.
  • Access control measures (physical and IT) to prevent unauthorized physical access to data processing facilities.
  • Usage control measures to prevent the use of data processing facilities and systems by unauthorized persons, including means of assigning privileges and usernames and passwords.
  • Data transmission control measures to prevent reading, copying, modifying, or deleting personal data during transmission, transport, or storage on data media and to allow verifications to identify authorized recipients of personal data, including through encryption.
  • Data entry control measures to allow subsequent verifications to determine if and who has entered, modified, or deleted personal data in automated processing systems or data entry, including audit log procedures.
  • A risk assessment process that allows the supplier to assess and select the appropriate level of security, considering the risks associated with processing. Such information will be requested from the supplier if necessary.
  • Data protection and security training for staff.
  • A policy and procedure for intervention in the event of incidents and violations of the security of personal data that regulates how the supplier acts in the event of such violations.



Email: office@rrg.ro

For processing your request, we may ask for identification by presenting an identity document


10. Legal Aspects

10.1. In certain cases, prices may no longer be up to date. For accurate information regarding prices, please contact your project representative. Please inform yourself at the conclusion of the sales contract about the exact specifications and price for the unit. All images are for informational purposes. Please note that we cannot guarantee the exact correspondence of features in the presentation images due to the different display modes of various monitors. All promotional materials related to this project (images, technical features, finishes, prices, etc.) do not create contractual obligations, do not constitute an offer for contracting, and can be unilaterally modified by the Developer.

Detailed information, viewings, and contracting only through authorized representatives of the developer.

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