Welcome to Lakeside11, a business-class residential compound

Experience modern living in a lakeside oasis offering spacious homes, exceptional amenities, and a vibrant community, all within a low-density, well-connected location.

Experience modern living in a lakeside oasis offering spacious homes, exceptional amenities, and a vibrant community, all within a low-density, well-connected location.

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Modern design

Sleek and contemporary design throughout

Good location

Prime lakeside location, with metro & road access

Low density

Low-density living – North Bucharest’s best

Large apartments

Most spacious in class, up to 20% larger

Thriving hub

Unique mix of amenities and infrastructure

INTEGRATEDModern exterior, interior and landscaping design

Lakeside11’s design seamlessly blends sustainability and modern aesthetics. The well-designed exterior features a ventilated facade and floor-to-ceiling, energy-efficient windows. This not only optimizes thermal performance but also floods the interiors with natural light.

While architects traditionally handle apartment layouts, we recognize the importance of meticulous detailing for creating comfortable living spaces. That’s why we’re expanding our team with interior design consultants specializing in selecting the perfect elements, down to the precise placement of a wall lamp.

This dedication to precision, exemplified by our team’s successful fight for a 10cm door repositioning to achieve an ideal kitchen layout, is key to our success.

The landscaping design reflects a similar commitment to collaborative excellence. An international team of Romanian and Ukrainian professionals meticulously considered every aspect, ensuring the outdoor space is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. This harmonious blend of international perspectives and local considerations has resulted in a stunning and user-friendly landscape.

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BALANCEDPerfect blend of tranquility, spaciousness, and low-density living

Lakeside11‘s location combines contemporary urban living with proximity to nature, providing residents with a modern lifestyle surrounded by nature. Located on the shore of Lake Straulesti, Lakeside11 has convenient access to the ring road with fast connections to the picturesque suburb – Mogosoaia Park with the palace, the airport, and other urban infrastructure.

Close position to public transport stops and the metro ensures residents’ mobility for everyday tasks. Enjoy a convenient lifestyle with nearby shopping centers, supermarkets, tennis courts, fitness centers, and an outdoor pool just across the lake.

Lakeside11 prioritizes a serene living environment with a remarkably low density of just 160 apartments per hectare. This compares favorably to Bucharest’s average of 300 apartments and avoids the cramped feel of projects reaching 500 apartments per hectare. Breathe easy and experience the tranquility of ample open space at Lakeside11.

Unlike many other developments, Lakeside11 doesn’t compromise on living space. Our 2-bedroom apartments boast generous layouts, ranging from 63 to 70 sqm, significantly larger than the average market size of 50-55 sqm. Imagine the extra space as a business class upgrade – room to breathe, relax, and create a home that reflects your style.

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